Thermal Desorption

Incoming soil is analyzed at the client's location prior to transportation to the Soil Safe – Adelanto facility in Adelanto, CA. Upon arriving at the facility, the soil is off-loaded, homogenized and moved to the pre-process area.
The soil is fed through a Trommel Screen where oversized and deleterious materials are removed from the soil. Oversized aggregate is either shipped off site for beneficial reuse or recycled.
The screened soil is then fed by conveyer to the Thermal Desorption Unit where it is heated to a temperature necessary to drive off organic contaminants. The organic vapor is collected and incinerated in an afterburner at over 1400°F. The exhaust gases are treated to reduce various Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide (SOx and NOx) compounds and other greenhouse gases. The soil is then conditioned and conveyed to the end product staging area.
The processed material is then analyzed to insure complete removal of organic contaminants. Soils are then shipped off site for beneficial reuse in a variety of construction projects. This high volume process has an average throughput rate in excess of 70 tons per hour.