Solidification/Stabilization Process

Incoming soil is analyzed at the client's location prior to transportation to one of Soil Safe's fixed base facilities. The soil is off-loaded, homogenized and analyzed for confirmatory analysis. The confirmatory analysis controls the production schedule as the material is moved to the pre-process pile.
The soil is fed to a screening plant where oversized and deleterious materials are removed from the soil. Oversized aggregate is either size reduced and fed back into the process or it is used to stabilize substandard sub-grade.
One or more pozzolonic or cementitous additives are added to the soil. The additives are uniformly blended with the soil in the mixing box or pug mill. The soil is then transported to the end use location by conveyer, truck or loader.
The processed material is placed in windrows by a loader, spread in 8 to 12 inch lifts by a dozer and roller compacted. The end product is a high quality, controlled structural strength, controlled permeability material custom engineered to meet the end use specification. This high volume process has an average throughput rate in excess of 3,000 tons per shift.