Corporate Profile

Soil Safe, Inc. specializes in the recycling of soils contaminated with a variety of petroleum products and heavy metals. We service customers and clients from Massachusetts south through Virginia at our Logan Township, NJ and Brandywine, MD facilities as well as the Southern California market through our Adelanto Thermal Desorption facility.

Our Management Team

  • Mark Smith, President & CEO

    Mark Smith is President and CEO of Soil Safe, a leading environmental service provider focusing on the treatment and recycling of contaminated soil. For the past two decades, cleaning up our environment has been a welcomed challenge for Mark. From remediation and closure of large Superfund sites to award-winning management of major DOE, DOD and EPA environmental programs, he brings over twenty years of environmental and construction industry experience to the Soil Safe team.

    Prior to joining Soil Safe in 2005, Mark worked with Kiewit Construction, Westinghouse Environmental, and WRS Infrastructure & Environment, where he served in numerous capacities including Project Engineer, Project and Program Manager, Business Line Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Over the course of his career, Mark has been responsible for the successful management and performance of hundreds of environmental and construction projects and major government cleanup programs across the country. Mark holds a BS in Geological Engineering from the University of Utah.

  • Bob Angelo, Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Angelo has been the Chief Financial Officer of Soil Safe, Inc. since 2002. Bob began his career over 20 years ago in public accounting with the international accounting firm of Grant Thornton. From 1990-2001, Bob worked for a national Marketing and Communications Agency holding various senior management positions including Chief Financial Officer of Operations where he directed all aspects of the Finance and Accounting department. With over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance and senior management, Mr. Angelo has a diverse array of expertise related to the financial control of operating entities within the general services and environmental industries. Mr. Angelo has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Texas.

  • Milt Morris, Vice President of Operations — Eastern Region

    Mr. Morris has been with Soil Safe for over 17 years and is responsible for managing the Company's operating facilities in the Eastern Region. His responsibilities include the overall technical, operational and regulatory performance of the Brandywine and Logan facilities. During his tenure at Soil Safe, Milt has served in a variety of Sales and Operations positions of increasing responsibility. Prior to joining Soil Safe, Inc. Milt worked extensively in the surveying, estimating and field construction industries. Mr. Morris also served our country for over 20 years with the Maryland National Guard including active duty deployments during the conflicts following the September 11th attacks. Mr. Morris is a graduate of Potomac State College with an Associates Degree in Engineering.

  • Jim Grant, Vice President Facility Development and Sales

    Mr. Grant joined Soil Safe over 15 years ago and has served in a variety of positions and functional areas for the Company. Jim was instrumental in the development and implementation of SoilSMART, our proprietary in-house data management system that enables us to track our processes from initial sales contact, through analytical review and material acceptance, to the receipt of the soil at any of our facilities nation-wide. His current responsibilities include engineering, technical and permit support for new facilities, overall corporate compliance with our current facility permits, and compliance systems management. Mr. Grant also supports material acceptance by interfacing with customers on difficult projects, providing consultants with engineering support, and he sits on our waste acceptance committee to review projects which may present a compliance risk to the company. Prior to coming to Soil Safe, Inc., Mr. Grant worked in the industrial liquid/solid separation industry. Mr. Grant holds a Bachelor's degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and an MBA from the University of Baltimore.

  • Bill Bishop, Vice President of Operations — Western Region

    Mr. Bishop joined Soil Safe, Inc. in May of 2005 and has been responsible for the operations of the Thermal Desorption Facility in Adelanto, California since that time. His responsibilities include the overall technical, operational, regulatory and financial performance of the Adelanto facility. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Bishop has held numerous executive and operational positions with a variety of environmental service organizations, including; Vice President of Operations at Earth Liquids, a used oil recycling company; President of EnviroTech, a commercial wastewater treatment company; and Director of Technical Services for Rollins Environmental Services, a hazardous waste thermal incineration and general environmental services business. Mr. Bishop holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Cameron University.

  • Bill Roberts, Program Director: Mid-Atlantic Region

    Mr. Roberts joined Soil Safe, Inc. in 2000 and has been instrumental in many of the Company's permitting and facility expansion related initiatives since then. His successes include the completion and closing of our first land reclamation project in Salem, N.J. as well as overseeing the extensive permitting requirements of our current Logan, N.J. operation. Bill's primary focus within Soil Safe is the New York and New Jersey market. His responsibilities in that area include the locating of potential sites for the next generation of Soil Safe facilities, the significant expansion of our current permit limits at the Logan facility allowing the company to increase its market share, the increase of our permitted cap at the Logan Facility that increased its air space and usable life and the development of new end-product certifications for projects utilizing our processed soils. Bill also remains the primary lead for the Company within the political and regulatory community.