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Soil Safe enters into large, multi-year property development agreements with private and public partners for projects requiring significant amounts of fill. Soil Safe provides substantially all the services needed to develop the property, including investigation, engineering, permitting, material supply and construction. Typically, they involve on-site recycling to supply the engineered fill and topsoil needed. Most of the projects involve some form of remediation and many require fill to elevate the site out of a flood-prone area including structural fill to stabilize poor geotechnical site conditions.

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The development projects fall into three categories:

1. Soil Safe owned projects

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These are projects that Soil Safe owns outright and include an on-site recycling facility with 7,000 tons/day receiving capacity. These include the Logan, Brandywine, and a new location (coming soon).

2. Public-private partnerships

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These are projects that Soil Safe performs, wholly or in part, in partnership with a public entity. They may include an on-site recycling facility or be supplied by a nearby Soil Safe facility. These include Salem, the GCIA Dream Park (LEP and GCP) and Rahway Arch (at Metro12).

3. Other Projects

These include a variety of RCRA/CERCLA projects performed under federal contracts in the 1990’s and early 2000’s (New York, Ohio, Georgia), material supply for port facilities (Maryland and New Jersey), on-site remediation for private tank farm customers (Maryland), and literally thousands of other small and large airport, road, industrial, commercial, residential and other types of projects that Soil Safe has supplied recycled soil to for the past 30 years.

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