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About Our Company


Soil Safe operates soil recycling facilities in New Jersey, Maryland and California. We process petroleum impacted soil and similar materials into engineered products meeting market specifications for use. Since our founding in 1989, we have recycled more than 27 million tons for use outside of landfills in a variety of construction and development projects, many of which we operate and perform ourselves. We specialize in developing large, stable markets for our products at both brownfield and greenfield projects. These developments are for our own account or working with others, including two large public-private partnerships involving our host communities. Current projects encompass over 1,000 acres, including:

       Logan, NJ – 160 ac. SSI owned

       Gloucester County Park, NJ - 250 ac.

       Rahway Arch Properties, NJ – 126 ac.

       Brandywine, MD – 280 ac. SSI owned

We perform the site investigation, modelling, engineering, permitting, soil tracking, reporting, construction and close-out documentation services for these developments.

We source and qualify all recyclable raw materials used for these projects. This includes non-hazardous petroleum impacted soils, clean soils, rock, incidental CABB, and dredge materials. Materials not meeting requirements are not accepted.

Soils are processed into engineered fill using our demonstrated stabilization technology on the East Coast and thermal desorption/combustion on the West Coast. Clean dredge material is used to make manufactured topsoil. All materials are tested before shipment and again after processing to ensure compliance with permits and physical, geotechnical and environmental end-use specifications. Failure to meet specification results in reprocessing or disposal.

Procedures are followed and documented as part of our risk management and liability protection program. All test results are archived to demonstrate compliance through the project life-cycle and beyond. Engineered materials are placed according to protocol developed to ensure structural stability is maintained. Recycling certifications and as-built documentation are permanently maintained. Records are provided to regulatory agencies and inspections occur frequently. Audits are routinely performed and our customers rely on us to do what others can’t.

Over the past 27 years, there have been a few challenges to our operations. These are dealt with immediately and our archives allow solid defense for ourselves and our customers and partners. Soil Safe’s environmental compliance and health and safety records are by far the best in the business.


We are always interested in new opportunities. If you have a recycling, remediation or development requirement, please request a quote using the online “Request a Quote” form or contact our sales team at:

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